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Stephens Process Services
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Stephens Process Services. a Marshall, Texas Business Serving
Clients located throughout East Texas cities including
Marshall • Hallsville • Longview • Scottsville • Eliysian Fields • Waskom • Harlton • Karnack • Carthage • Jefferson • Gilmer

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Stephens Process Services wants to make serving your documents easy, quick and professional. To better serve our clients, we have created a list of Tips For Serving Your Documents. This list will provide you with the information we need to better service your legal documents. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.
• Petitions
• Motions
• Summons and Complaints
• Writs and Garnishments
• Subpoenas
• Subpoenas duces tecum
• Discovery Documents
• Order for Appearance
• Temporary Restraining Orders
• Foreclosure Notices
• Evictions
Phone: (903) 930-7360
Serving East
We Serve:
Review your documents before calling us.

Make sure your petitions are signed.

Review the defendant's current address (e.g. apartment & suite numbers).

If possible, provide defendant's residential and business address.

Provide defendant's physical description.

Provide defendant's motor vehicle description.

Let us know if you anticipate the defendant will avoid service.

Tell us if you must meet an urgent deadline.

Provide extra copies of documents to complete an accurate affidavit of service.

Call us as early as possible, especially if it's a rush.
Tips for Serving Your Legal Documents